Monday, July 20, 2009


as titled!


tunggu la kejap ok


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ikea & 1U

at last baby is free to out
she seems to be more busy during the holidays than usual study days =.=
well i can cope with it..
so as stated ^^

here goes~

i wish~
wish to be my room too~
yes..wish no.3 nid wish..its fact~
guess how much the whole set cost?
starbucks time
my fav~ chocolate cream~

perigi..i have calculated the money i need to complete my dream room or maybe dream house
will be estimating a 60-80k only on furniture =.=
belum kira kitchen and dining room lagi..
memang ikea..

baby's idea~
get a government apartment
dun care bout the dining kitchen and others EXCEPT our room
just stick all ikea stuff to the room only
to make it outstanding~

to save money she said~ perigi yes it's true
but abit weird

buhbyeeess all..


Saturday, July 4, 2009

PcFair 2009 [2]

I am currently looking for Part-Timers for Pc Fair[2] as stated above

Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a part time for Pc Fair

Details for the Job

Venue : KLCC Convention Centre
Date : 31st July till 2nd August
Time : 10 morning to 9 night [meeting will start at 10][start working at 11]

What are we selling?
Laptops - Toshiba & Dell & Acer & Asus

Salary : RM60 per day ** RM80 per day if you hit target
[normally the targets would be needing you to sell at least 10 laptops in 3 days time]

Commission Scheme : This is differ from each PcFair from time to time
[will be explained by Boss in training]
[don't like the Comm Scheme then don't come for the job]*easy!

Daily Incentives and Sales Incentives will be given if your overall sales is good
Food will be included [don't ask what they will provide you]

Any inquiries, pls leave a message at CBox or for those who knew me, just give me a call will do or add me []


Anyone can find me this?

New Look

I am so bored that i keep surfing in DeviantArt website to search for nice nice pics for my comp wallpaper..then i went to my blog..

sien of the blue le..plan to make some changes for that

after i keep searching until i found this..haha..

well it looks good to me..dunno bout you..

Credit to JainYork

this photo took by himself..

so byebye to