Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ZzzZzzZzz =.=

Well I am sooooo sleepy~ haha

err..i guess this is a just a stupid random post stating that i am in extreme sleepy mode..lols


Yesterday stayed at home for the whole day~~~ wow sounds impossible...

OK..fine..till nite ard 10.30...a friend of mine ask me out yum cha...err..reason? he needs a smoke

errr..so we hang out at BRJ nearby my house and have a drink with a another fren of mine, Wilson

Well then we back home ard 12+...and i continue with my games...OMG

It's like the freaking whole week i spent most of my time in front of my lappie...err...which is not good...^^

anddd....my trials are just ard the corner..well this is to remind myself not to play anymore~ T.T

saddddd...argh...it's my finals so i nid to take this seriously...><


don't worry friends...thx to those who care for me..you know who you are~

err..nvm i'll state it out who are my buddies who really care about me..haha...

Josiah- Well...its sounds gay for us but he is my one my best buddies out there..^^

Amanda- <3 ya...thx for all the time~

Meng Aun- thx dude for all the information u gave me about the exams

Yow Hee- this dude..i dunno how to explain...one word for him...GENG~

well...a very big THANK YOU to all buddies of mine...arigato gozaimasu~

err...take care..^^

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy All Over The Day

Well, yesterday was soooo tiring that i decided to go pigpig rather than touching my lappie~

argh...ytd i slept at 4 early in the morning O.o

annndddd, Swee Ling woke me up at 8+~~!!! omg 4 hours onliieee

and she thought she will ask me to attend class at 10..lols..she just said she wan bathe~ after that everything was abit LOL to me...ard 10..Pat sms-ed me and said

[ We're on out already..you get ready ya..kan SL (Swee ling) drive very slow rite :) ]

i went blur for a second...and wondering...did Swee Ling told me we are going out?!

and they replied...YES and they are on their way to MV le...LOL...

well...i reach there ard 11+ O.o...yes i am LATE~

well then we went to buy our movie tics~

a lil bit of convo here~~~


Pat(P): We re going to watch House Bunny rite?

Swee Ling(SL): *blurring*

Kenneth(K): Err...really arh~!?

P: Yea...we are going to watch House Bunny~ Plssssssssss~

K: OMG~! ( cos house bunny to me is like ERRRR to me....zzzz)

SL: What time is it?

P: 2.15

K: See...cannot la...2.15..SL will be late for home later~~~~~

After some convo...which i forgot...we eventually went to buy House Bunny

and thennn~

P: Shall we watch one more arh? ( as that is ard 12 nia)

SL: okie ah..no problem~

K: okok~

Then there another 8 bucks of mine flies~We bought tics for Bangkok Dangerous too~

Well then we waited 15 mins for that idiot to come...haha...sowie Josh..lols...it's Josiah~he arrived at ard 12.20

ERR...frankly..overall both movies were nice~ fine..hate to tell this out but i think House Bunny is the better movie..haha..no regrets~ ^^


After MV~

Josh accompany me to get my road tax thingy~

we caught in jam...F! -for 1 friggin hour-


O.O getting dark le~

haha...a friend of mine from my primary school ask me for a drink~erm..i didn't meet up this friend for 10 years~ O.O ya it's 10 years

well..i glad that i met him back..he's a nice person as i can see after 10 years~ ^^ a singer

Haha...thats all for ytd~ tired~~~

Can i go back to sleep? ~~~


take care all~~~ ciaoz~~~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagged by Josiah ^^ lols

starting time [ 4.38 pm ]

name [ Kenneth ]

sister [Samantha]

brothers [ Rande ]

shoe size [ 7 .5 - 8 ]

where do you live [ Mars- In my dream~! ]

favourite drink [ Honeydew juice ]

favourite breakfast [ Dim-sum and McD~~~ ]

have you been on a plane [ YES and hoping for the next one ]

swam in the ocean [ seaside counted? LOL]

broken someone’s heart [ IDK~ don't want to know ]

fallen asleep in school [ who whouldnt? ]

fell of your chair [er..not accidently...purposely by someone..^^]

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call [ i ve waited someone for 4 hours~ O.o ]

saved e-mails [ not really ]

what is your room like [ one word -messy~ ]

what is the last thing you ate [ noodles cooked by my grandma~ ]

ever had..

chicken pox [ YES ]

stitches [ YES ]

how many fingers u ve got? [ 12..when i was age of 3 ]

broken nose [ nope ]

do you believe in love at first sight [ YES and my relationship for this last for 2 and half years ]

like picnics [ ya..]

who was the last person you danced with [ mandy ]

last person who made you smile [ smile? as in smiling cos of happy? or simply laugh cos nth? zz ]

today did you talked to someone you like [ NOPE for 5 months ]

kissed anyone [ YES ]

get sick [ lalala~ lololo~ lilili ]

talked to ex [ i ve mentioned~ 5 months ]

missing someone [ definitely ]

best feeling in the world [ kissing with her~ ]

do you sleep with stuffed animals [ err..nope..]

what’s under your bed [ a girl? LOL..nope..a set of track for TAMIYA given by my grandma ]

what time is now [ 4.46..fast ma? ]


is there a person on your mind right now [ when u asked this Q..everyone will be thinking of somebody..LOL rite?]

do you want children [ i dun mind? ]

do you smile often [ smile nope? laughing YES ]

what colour shirt are you wearing [ my BB jersey ]

when did you cry last [ last 2 nites ]

are you a friendly person [ erm..i can be one when u know me well? ]

where is the person you have feelings for right now [ err..i guess pak tou-ing somewhere ]

do you eat healthy [ maggi everyday? healthy? ]

do you still have pictures with you and your ex [ yes..alot..but it's somewhere difficuly for me to reach ]

have you ever cried because of something someone said to you [ well..i can easily cry...zzz ]

if you’re having a bad day, where are you most likely to go to [ find a buddy and go hang out or speeding alone ]

are you loud or quiet most of the time [ random...dunno ]

are you confident [ nope for me anymore~ ]

5 things i was doing ten years ago

[ Studying ] O.o
[ Eat ]
[ Sleep ]
[ toilet ]
[ TV ]

5 snacks i enjoy
[ Baskin Robin - Green Tea and Mint Chocolate ]
[ Seaweed Chips]
[ a cake? LOL Chocolate Indulgence ]
[ French Toast ]
[ Fruits? LOL Honeydew ]

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

[ Shpping ]
[ Spend it with my love ones ]
[ Make more with it ]
[ Donate some~ O.o]
[ I am happy~ becos if i were a billionaire...i wont lose wut i always wanted ]

5 of my bad habits

[ Lazy ]
[ Speeding ]
[ Hot Tempered ]
[ Love her~ ]
[ Likes to argue ]

5 places i’ve lived in

[ Cheras]

5 people that you tag:





Swee Ling

Saturday, October 18, 2008


sorry to all that i stopped blogging for quite a long time..^^ (as if ppls read my blog) =.=

frankly..i am not really busy till i dun have time to blog..^^ busy playing games only..hehe...so i guess I am in the house mostly all the time..

and there goes my normal sleeping time...its UPSIDE down!

^^ i guess most of your sleeping time here is totally 180* of mine ...wakaka...

i will be playing games during midnite where u r sleeping like PIG~ ^^

well...i miss my frens out there...

erm..an update from me..

i finally found another angel in my life..~ LOL..lets us see the happy Kenneth again~ LOL...

tata...stop here first...will update again within a week ^^

take care all ^^

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A freaking bored day for me...

Morning - eat and sleep

Afternoon - chat, eat, sleep, games and fooling around

Evening - eat, computer, eat

Now - blog *=.=* , eating as well, and thinking what I ve done today

WTH =.=

See those routines above...freaks me off...dam sien...can anybody entertain me...feel so alone...
all these while...when I ve got holidays..I don't really need to worry of what am I going to do on my holidays...someone might just will think it for me *happy*...while then now...it's abit off the track already...or i can say...it's no more...

Well...sooner or later...I ll *self-destruct* myself if I fail again...


So..what to talk now?

Erm...lets go to the HOLIDAYS topic...what we do and how we spend our lovely holidays?? O.o

1. Goes out with your loved ones?
2. Spend more time with ur parents? (which they don't normally)
3. Trips? ^^
5. Time to woo girls/boys around? * i need one*
6. Sex time? *for ones having a BUSY life* [nah! i am joking for these] *as if*
7. Goes out with friends?
8. Do nothing?
9. Get the hell out of your mind and do something crazy?
10. Blogging *like what a idiot like me doing now?*

see...i list 10 of it...and...I can frankly tell all of you here...8 and 10 are my partners

well...whats urs? Tell me in my messages box if you don't mind...

take care guys~ have a nice holidays

wish I have a great holidays too~ *shitty moody now*


NOW...for my own sweet place to shout shout and shout

Yippie yaya yippie yippie ya~


1. I am shouting here that I am also about to annouce I will work hard for my finals *hope so*

2. I will wait for the next one to come

3. I will save money

4. *to be list out later*

ciaoz again~ love all