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Thursday, September 10, 2009

miss Penang ^^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dolphin slaughter in japan

wtf is wrong with these ppl!!!

pls spread this video around pls..

stop killing dolphins~

they are frenly and cute in a way to me..argh!!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

i am alone

i am all alone


how pathetic!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


still the best band to me ^^
backstreet boys!

I don't think I want this anymore
As she drops the ring to the floor
She says to herself you've left before
This time you will stay gone that's for sure

And he shouted something as
she drag her suitcase down the path
To the driveway
She had never gone that far
Normally this would be the time that she
Would let him talk her out of leaving
But this time, without crying
As she got into her car

She said no, happily never after
That just ain't for me, because finally
I know, I deserve better after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall

As she drove away she starts to smile
Realized she hadn't for awhile
No destination she drove for miles
Wondering why she stayed in such denial

She was laughing about the way he shouted something as
sHe dragged her suitcase down the path
To the driveway
She had never gone that far
Normally this would be the time that she
Would let him talk her out of leaving
But this time, without crying
As she got into her car

She said no, happily never after
That just ain't for me, because finally
I know, I deserve better after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall

I'm done, I'm done, said I'm so done (so done)
I'm free, I'm free, (so free)
Free to feel the way I feel, yeah

She inhales a breath she never breathed before
Don't want no drama no more

Cause she says no happily never after
That just ain't for me
I know, I deserve better after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall (I'm done, I'm done)
No happily never after, that just aint for me, (I'm free, I'm free)because finally
I know I deserve better after all
I'll never let another tear drop fall, (I'm done, I'm done, I'm done, so done, I'm done, so done, said I'm done, I'm done, I'm done)

baby day!

Weekend outing with baby

went to Pavillion for a movie

For generations, the secret service has always been responsible for protecting the emperor, where 12 agents are assigned to bodyguard duty. Among the current group, Zero Zero Dog (Louis Koo) is considered to be the weakest as he shows no interest in the martial arts and spends his time studying technology and coming up with scientific inventions. When Dog uncovers an evil plot to kill the emperor by the chief eunuch, Cao Yan Chui (Fan Siu Wong), he decides to eliminate the enemy himself.

this movie ah..overall okie geh but abit "fai"
very gao siu..haha..

then part to me in this post..hehe

baby baby muacks



Penang Fair

Penang fair~
work+trip+hang out+relax

this is wut i like bout Penang fair ^^
happy to see all Penang peoples i knew last fair
you guys rocks!

sad to say but 2 of my best pals at Penang wont be working fair anymore as they are pursuing their degrees abroad..haih of luck yo you guys~

and ah..thanks to my toshiba team~
you guys are helpful
although as your leader i am abit lazy
haha..and you guys still cope with me and we made a good team..^^
unlike other booth
*ghost beat ghost*

well..i guess i am the youngest among them..haha..


1st day of KL Fair

there was a bunch of youngsters came to me , well they look some kinda-potential-customers [people whom i think will buy] ..well at least i served them =.=

Me : Hello sir, looking for a laptop?

Idiot : No , i am looking for a notebook

*i yawned*

Idiot : Not enough sleep ah? Work also go hang out at night..pls la..

*i didn't even look at him and i LOL-ed for a second* [who ru to me?]

Me : No la..i didn't hang out..just too bored at work

Idiot : Fine then, can you please explain this laptop to me, the specs, the benefits of buying it

Me: Well sir, this laptop comes with a P8700 processor with 2.53GHz and all the normal specifications are all inside the brochure

Idiot : OK..Can i buy it?

Me : I am sorry sir, this model is currently out of stock

Idiot : The first day of fair and you are telling me is out?!

Me : I am sorry sir, you might have to go to out showroom to buy it if you want

Idiot : NO! i want it today and now. What a ridiculous crap when you guys put it in the brochure and you said to me it's out on the first day?! I don't care! ask your boss to talk to me. I have money and i want it now! **************

Boss : *Apologise* , we do have this model now but it is in our showroom

Idiot : Very well, your stupid salesman said that it's out of stock and it is not selling anymore in show room

*i was like what the fuck* *he shoot me infront of the boss in purpose*

Boss : Sir, he already said it's in our showroom

Idiot : No he didn't and he showed face to me with a very bad attitute, he thinks that i don't have money to pay

*well i leaved and continue my work with other customers*

after ard 30 mins of talk ..the idiot calls me

Idiot : You fucker, i want this laptop [another model]

**it's 2 times cheaper than the one he is looking at**

Me : OK SIR!

*done all writing stuff* i said thank you

he evil smiled at me!

what the fuck is wrong with these ppl? my face problem ka? LOL..i doubt ^^
diao..really ah..these bastards and retards really pissed me off..diao
damn 9 cheap..ask for another one and try to bargain for it and some more demand that high price laptop to be on his hands that day and yet he didnt buy that model and switched to 2 times cheaper models..WTF!!!!!

you are really idiot

happy using the laptop i sold you..fucktards!


new shoes

thanks to myself for rewarding myself a new pair of shoes
after "hardwork" during KL PcFair =.=

well i did work hard!

here's how i reward myself ^^

hehe ^^


next next next

what to update oh

sowie friends

i leave my blog in dust ^^

6 month day

well baby..the poem below..erm..i copied it from some kinda crap love poem website..
so erm..hehe..muacks..

we crossed the half year line and now heading to the next half year ^^

The hands of time cannot erase
The thoughts of you and your embrace
The longing for a single kiss
Your touch, your voice, I always miss

The hands of time, like the rolling sea
Cannot wash away what you mean to me
My Heart, My Soul, I'll give to you
The greatest Love I ever knew

The hands of time, that past so fast
My Love for you will always last
To be together, is on my mind
This special love, is one of a kind

The hands of time, We cannot turn back
But Love and Devotion, you will never lack
I vow to you, You will always be
The only Man in my life for me

The hands of time, will stop one day
But there is one thing to you, I'll say
If I should go before you do
I'll be there waiting, for only you.

you you you..


*initiating update*

*still thinking*

Monday, July 20, 2009


as titled!


tunggu la kejap ok


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ikea & 1U

at last baby is free to out
she seems to be more busy during the holidays than usual study days =.=
well i can cope with it..
so as stated ^^

here goes~

i wish~
wish to be my room too~
yes..wish no.3 nid wish..its fact~
guess how much the whole set cost?
starbucks time
my fav~ chocolate cream~

perigi..i have calculated the money i need to complete my dream room or maybe dream house
will be estimating a 60-80k only on furniture =.=
belum kira kitchen and dining room lagi..
memang ikea..

baby's idea~
get a government apartment
dun care bout the dining kitchen and others EXCEPT our room
just stick all ikea stuff to the room only
to make it outstanding~

to save money she said~ perigi yes it's true
but abit weird

buhbyeeess all..


Saturday, July 4, 2009

PcFair 2009 [2]

I am currently looking for Part-Timers for Pc Fair[2] as stated above

Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a part time for Pc Fair

Details for the Job

Venue : KLCC Convention Centre
Date : 31st July till 2nd August
Time : 10 morning to 9 night [meeting will start at 10][start working at 11]

What are we selling?
Laptops - Toshiba & Dell & Acer & Asus

Salary : RM60 per day ** RM80 per day if you hit target
[normally the targets would be needing you to sell at least 10 laptops in 3 days time]

Commission Scheme : This is differ from each PcFair from time to time
[will be explained by Boss in training]
[don't like the Comm Scheme then don't come for the job]*easy!

Daily Incentives and Sales Incentives will be given if your overall sales is good
Food will be included [don't ask what they will provide you]

Any inquiries, pls leave a message at CBox or for those who knew me, just give me a call will do or add me []


Anyone can find me this?

New Look

I am so bored that i keep surfing in DeviantArt website to search for nice nice pics for my comp wallpaper..then i went to my blog..

sien of the blue le..plan to make some changes for that

after i keep searching until i found this..haha..

well it looks good to me..dunno bout you..

Credit to JainYork

this photo took by himself..

so byebye to

Monday, June 29, 2009


what am i suppose to do when i really get angry easily?
i realized i get pissed very easy..
why am i like that recently?
i am not like this previously..
wth.. is wrong with me

damn..even the words i said above rhythms
ah fuck..

i am not having any stress or pressure..zzz
i am not working
i am not studying too
i am just having holidays and i having this shyt

what is wrong with me?

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Friday, June 26, 2009

5 month day

happy 5 month day baby~

lappie lappie baby~

firstever O.O

3 monkeys

haha as titled 3 monkeys..

it was planned the day before where 3 of us set up a gathering among our classmates
but end up..
only 3 of us showed up..
well that shows how "popular" we are..haha..


went for a movie

Drag Me To Hell

one word "suckish" movie

one thing to mention bout GSC staffs..
your service failed..i mean total..zz

wth..zzz it's all nth but to startled you in some scenes..
shyt..wasted..haha..we shud go for another movie!
then we went to Sushi King for lunch..fav!

well clearly that i didn't take any pictures of myself..haha

p.s take care all ^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009


as titled!

anyone got a part time job for me?
be considerate pls
dont ask me to be gigolo and stuffs like that..

well well well
i am getting lifeless since i finished my exam..

that's my holiday's slogan

just yesterday..
i did something which i think abit silly..
went down to Port Dickson at ease to fetch baby back from there
baby is bored
so erm..i stole her from her collegemates back to KL
sowie frens..can't help it..
i miss her like crazy..

glad to know baby's fren too..May Gin..
she followed us back and i sent her back to UCSI where her bf waiting for her there too..
thats the day..
end up yumcha with wilson and aaron and z.yit

we had a L4D game before we head home..
that was the worst ever game i played so far..
2 handicapped players which were me and wilson..

it was like OMG..shyt!
well..only wilson survived!
itu kecut..i backing up the others and he seacrhing for the Tank to get off already!
then omg lo..i died with dignity with the others..
well i mentioned only wilson survived..z.yit and baby died as well..LOL

funny part of the post ^^

baby go shoot the WITCH when we asked her not to..LOL..haha..then the witch go ARRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~
and baby down jor..^^

muacks baby..
poopieeee~ bye all

Saturday, June 20, 2009


at least once everyweek

freaking unhappy about it

thanks mum

I, Kenneth Yeo Chung Hoe
son of Mr.WYeo & Mrs.CYeo
brother of Sam.Yeo & Rande.Yeo
grandson of late Mr.Yeo & Mrs.Yeo
owner of Goofy
boyfriend of Paulynn
friends of my friends


whatever of whatever

hereby to Thank my mum for taking care of me during my exam period while I am in war-with-books situation


this sick is really swallowing my every drops of blood in my veins..
itu !@#$%^&*()
perigi you know frens..i hate fever!

for those people who read my blog in the past would know what will actually happen to this weak lil tiny boy if he is in fever condition..

well you see..if i had fever..i nid medication immediately right?
so i nid med pills right?
and when i swallow those things in my mouth..
it eventually reacts in my body
and that is if my body doesnt accept some chemicals which originally from the pill itself..

ah shyt..i am crapping..sowie..just to show that i write alot in my post..well yeah


back to the main idea in this post..

being eligible here to blog
it is all from the day i came out from my mummy **** cut the crap again...
i got sick
and my mum got worried and she start to make everything possible for me to be able to study while I am sick..

she made soup~
she made juices~
she made chinese herbs~
she clean my cloths~
she fetch bro to tuition which I do always~
she clean the bowls i used~
she wipe my body while I'm sleeping~
she asked me to take med on time in the middle of the night~
she top-up my water bottle in the middle of the night~

omg..theres whole lot of stuffs she did for the past few days..

thanks mummy

I promise I'll do the same when you get sick *which I hope not*
1. I don't want you to get sick T.T
2. I don't need to do stuffs ^^
3. I will do if you're sick !!
4. I mean it!

Thank You MUM~


perigi perigi perigi
someone complaining about my bloggie too lazy..or mayb too empty..
dia cakap saya punya BELOK sudah lama tak sentuh..
so perigi..i update now abit ^^

perigi = well
[for ppl who dont understand our language]

haha ^^

mana-mana jalan..i also dunno wut to update..haha

1. I just finished my exams again...yes..for the papers i resit..yes i failed previous..yes..i am partially dumb..yes i am partially smart too..LOL..and are not *bullshit* mode..

2. I miss my frens..i wanna meet you all ^^


4. Perigi..bought stuffs below for myself and baby ^^ kekeke..quite fun eh..

cute? childish? mad?

which word u thinking of when u saw this?

i don't care..give me ur respond pls in CBOX

any 1 word from above 3 answers ^^


haix..yes i am eyes are swollen..but for sure la u can't see from here..
only few ppl in this tiny world who saw it


[more stuffs to come]
stay tune!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 more for me to kill

as mentioned above
2 more
2 more for me to kill
how good if i can kill these 2 at a time
cos 1 of the paper worthless
as i din study for that =.= lol
18th June guys!
i'll be free again for 2 months
and until the day my results come out
you see me crying..
maybe? maybe not?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


anyone have these to sell? O.O
yes i am serious for it..LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

i miss

random-ness ran through my mind and this came out

exams =.=

this thing about my exams is going to over soon
haix..i am happy to have few more papers to end this war
the fact is..i didnt do well in i am worried


this is not because the papers are difficult or the lecturers bias

it's myself who didnt do enough revisions!
regret is helpless now~
i hope i hope i hope

my lil doopie GOOFY

at last and to begin with my lil doopie~

GOOFY's not this okie's not this once k..



sowie for the blur-ness of the pictures..haha..and yes
this is lil doopie GOOFY
3 months old!

happy to have him here at YEO family..LOL

and and for you baby~

cute cute baby texting "boyfriends"
cant help it..


After long long time ago..

there lived a boy and a girl~
bla bla bla bla..

they start their burger hunting journey at Carls' Jr ^^



well well well
isnt this silly lil doopie act?

well was a ONCE-UPON-A-TIME
so..i lazy..and again..i will stop here..