Monday, June 29, 2009


what am i suppose to do when i really get angry easily?
i realized i get pissed very easy..
why am i like that recently?
i am not like this previously..
wth.. is wrong with me

damn..even the words i said above rhythms
ah fuck..

i am not having any stress or pressure..zzz
i am not working
i am not studying too
i am just having holidays and i having this shyt

what is wrong with me?

Saturday, June 27, 2009



Friday, June 26, 2009

5 month day

happy 5 month day baby~

lappie lappie baby~

firstever O.O

3 monkeys

haha as titled 3 monkeys..

it was planned the day before where 3 of us set up a gathering among our classmates
but end up..
only 3 of us showed up..
well that shows how "popular" we are..haha..


went for a movie

Drag Me To Hell

one word "suckish" movie

one thing to mention bout GSC staffs..
your service failed..i mean total..zz

wth..zzz it's all nth but to startled you in some scenes..
shyt..wasted..haha..we shud go for another movie!
then we went to Sushi King for lunch..fav!

well clearly that i didn't take any pictures of myself..haha

p.s take care all ^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009


as titled!

anyone got a part time job for me?
be considerate pls
dont ask me to be gigolo and stuffs like that..

well well well
i am getting lifeless since i finished my exam..

that's my holiday's slogan

just yesterday..
i did something which i think abit silly..
went down to Port Dickson at ease to fetch baby back from there
baby is bored
so erm..i stole her from her collegemates back to KL
sowie frens..can't help it..
i miss her like crazy..

glad to know baby's fren too..May Gin..
she followed us back and i sent her back to UCSI where her bf waiting for her there too..
thats the day..
end up yumcha with wilson and aaron and z.yit

we had a L4D game before we head home..
that was the worst ever game i played so far..
2 handicapped players which were me and wilson..

it was like OMG..shyt!
well..only wilson survived!
itu kecut..i backing up the others and he seacrhing for the Tank to get off already!
then omg lo..i died with dignity with the others..
well i mentioned only wilson survived..z.yit and baby died as well..LOL

funny part of the post ^^

baby go shoot the WITCH when we asked her not to..LOL..haha..then the witch go ARRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~
and baby down jor..^^

muacks baby..
poopieeee~ bye all

Saturday, June 20, 2009


at least once everyweek

freaking unhappy about it

thanks mum

I, Kenneth Yeo Chung Hoe
son of Mr.WYeo & Mrs.CYeo
brother of Sam.Yeo & Rande.Yeo
grandson of late Mr.Yeo & Mrs.Yeo
owner of Goofy
boyfriend of Paulynn
friends of my friends


whatever of whatever

hereby to Thank my mum for taking care of me during my exam period while I am in war-with-books situation


this sick is really swallowing my every drops of blood in my veins..
itu !@#$%^&*()
perigi you know frens..i hate fever!

for those people who read my blog in the past would know what will actually happen to this weak lil tiny boy if he is in fever condition..

well you see..if i had fever..i nid medication immediately right?
so i nid med pills right?
and when i swallow those things in my mouth..
it eventually reacts in my body
and that is if my body doesnt accept some chemicals which originally from the pill itself..

ah shyt..i am crapping..sowie..just to show that i write alot in my post..well yeah


back to the main idea in this post..

being eligible here to blog
it is all from the day i came out from my mummy **** cut the crap again...
i got sick
and my mum got worried and she start to make everything possible for me to be able to study while I am sick..

she made soup~
she made juices~
she made chinese herbs~
she clean my cloths~
she fetch bro to tuition which I do always~
she clean the bowls i used~
she wipe my body while I'm sleeping~
she asked me to take med on time in the middle of the night~
she top-up my water bottle in the middle of the night~

omg..theres whole lot of stuffs she did for the past few days..

thanks mummy

I promise I'll do the same when you get sick *which I hope not*
1. I don't want you to get sick T.T
2. I don't need to do stuffs ^^
3. I will do if you're sick !!
4. I mean it!

Thank You MUM~


perigi perigi perigi
someone complaining about my bloggie too lazy..or mayb too empty..
dia cakap saya punya BELOK sudah lama tak sentuh..
so perigi..i update now abit ^^

perigi = well
[for ppl who dont understand our language]

haha ^^

mana-mana jalan..i also dunno wut to update..haha

1. I just finished my exams again...yes..for the papers i resit..yes i failed previous..yes..i am partially dumb..yes i am partially smart too..LOL..and are not *bullshit* mode..

2. I miss my frens..i wanna meet you all ^^


4. Perigi..bought stuffs below for myself and baby ^^ kekeke..quite fun eh..

cute? childish? mad?

which word u thinking of when u saw this?

i don't care..give me ur respond pls in CBOX

any 1 word from above 3 answers ^^


haix..yes i am eyes are swollen..but for sure la u can't see from here..
only few ppl in this tiny world who saw it


[more stuffs to come]
stay tune!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 more for me to kill

as mentioned above
2 more
2 more for me to kill
how good if i can kill these 2 at a time
cos 1 of the paper worthless
as i din study for that =.= lol
18th June guys!
i'll be free again for 2 months
and until the day my results come out
you see me crying..
maybe? maybe not?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


anyone have these to sell? O.O
yes i am serious for it..LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

i miss

random-ness ran through my mind and this came out

exams =.=

this thing about my exams is going to over soon
haix..i am happy to have few more papers to end this war
the fact is..i didnt do well in i am worried


this is not because the papers are difficult or the lecturers bias

it's myself who didnt do enough revisions!
regret is helpless now~
i hope i hope i hope

my lil doopie GOOFY

at last and to begin with my lil doopie~

GOOFY's not this okie's not this once k..



sowie for the blur-ness of the pictures..haha..and yes
this is lil doopie GOOFY
3 months old!

happy to have him here at YEO family..LOL

and and for you baby~

cute cute baby texting "boyfriends"
cant help it..


After long long time ago..

there lived a boy and a girl~
bla bla bla bla..

they start their burger hunting journey at Carls' Jr ^^



well well well
isnt this silly lil doopie act?

well was a ONCE-UPON-A-TIME
so..i lazy..and again..i will stop here..

long long time ago~

long long time time ago
there were a boy and a girl
went to Sushi King for the first time together~!..LOL..well erm
i'll stop the crap..
see see la

well i lazy to blog wut happened that day..cos as mentioned was long long time ago..
just that i din update my blog long long time ago..
very very long long ago^^