Friday, January 23, 2009

dimple family

dimple family

post relating to my bloggie theme..^^ dimple..

lets start with something bored first about dimple...credits --> wikipedia (copied from wiki)

Dimples are visible indentations of the skin, caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people's cheeks when they smile. Dimples are genetically inherited and are a dominant trails . Dimples on each cheek are a relatively common occurrence for people with dimples. A rarer form is the single dimple, which occurs on one side of the face only. Specifically, the presence of a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle may explain the formation of cheek dimples. As it travels anteriorly, it then divides with a superior bundle that inserts in the typical position above the corner of the mouth. An inferior bundle inserts below the corner of the mouth.

Dimples are considered attractive in some cultures. Babies commonly have dimples, but sometimes these disappear (or become less noticeable) as the muscles lengthen with age; consequently, dimples are often associated with youth.

she's cute hor ^^

well..lets cut the crap..lets jump to the post goes..recently i found more and more ppl having dimple..^^ so erm..we can eventually forms a Dimple Family..hahaha..

as usual...i ll be the leader of the family..haha..LOL..*evil* cos i think...i think..i have the deepest among all gua..i think..LOL frens..dun come to me and crap k when u read this..u all know me well k...haha

Dimple Family

1. Kenneth -no comments-
2. Amanda ( dimple ah po) LOL *haha*
3. Berry mui (dimple princess)
4. Rande (my bro)
5 Samantha (my sis)
6. to be listed..**** me as soon as possible for ur placement into this crappy thingy..LOL..basically this post is totally funny and non readable it's my anyway..i ll write whatever i wan rite? so it's up to you all who wanna read them..haha

anddd..getting more and more STRANGERS visitting my bloggie and making stupid comments..zzz eh pls's my blog again..plsplspls stop making silly stuff..I am friggin tired deleting them..

^^ let's come back to the dimple thingy..haha..title post given by of our family members..credits ** to her..

a picture of me when i am a silly kid =.=

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ back to college stuff..and

i have just one more friggin paper to sit..and guess's the 3rd day of my CNY..which i think it's a biggest mistake for some dumbo who set the paper that day...what a toot..

can't help it..siens..the paper are from UK..they dont give a shyt to us anyway...Physics 6...I will definitely burn u later this week..argh..this paper is scary wei..haix but anyway..i ll do my best..once again.thanks to my family members..who gave me support..LOL..*mentioning becos I am really glad to have them now*..

hahahaha...i will be buying my cny cloths TML! argh...cant tahan jor...just bought few only..i nid moreeeee...haha

got that mummy?...which eventually leads to me asking more cash from u..haha

thanks mummy..XOXO

Thursday, January 22, 2009


O.o...hahaha...this cat freaks me out...have a look...hahaha...u luv me forever? LOL

ps. credit to icanhascheezburger

ciaoz...take care alll! morning..and i heading for my last 2 papers!!! arghhh..JYJY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21st January 2009 XD

lol...when will i get my sleeping time back to normal..sien..well it's all my fault anyway..

SIAPA SURUH SAYA LAST MINUTE STUDY LE? revise in my car till sien..sooooo snap pics ard..LOL here hoes..

saya dulu...thennnnn~

well...this is the only way for me to survive w/o sleeping T.T thanks!

craps..^^ some statistics

eh...random pic

the beauty of our world..LOL..*af if*

so..erm..2 more papers to go! JYJY kenneth yeo! argh..after today really nid some rest...i pump till slept only 2 hours! lucky got a girl chat with me till morning..if not..i will be snoring like a pig! haha..arigato..


failed to buy present =.= really paiseh..will buy soon when i got cash *sien*

and...*tears* thanks mummy! *she bought me a pair of shoes I wan! from Converse! argh..muacks mum! I LOVE YOU..she bought it today..which is her birthday too..><

sneak peek~~

thanks again ya lots..always does..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am so tired studying this shyt Physics 4..bla bla..

Waves and Our Universe...this is fucking sickening... wtf!

argh argh argh...can i get the hell out of this shyt..T.T *sobs*!


well..i get myself addicted again to DBSK songs recently..^^

gosh.. last week..found 2 original DBSK cds from my sisters room..well as usual la..anything i took from my sis room will stay forever in my room unless she takes it back =.= haha..*sowie sis*

haha..well..currently addicted to *tada*

Love In The Ice..though this song released long long long time ago...well...*I am outdated Yes*

here's the song clip from their concert *credits to Youtube*

well...this song is superb...i like the rthym of the emo-ish..haha..the lyrics of the song is very meaningful~~ argh!

DBSK (Tohoshinki) ..officially a TINY fan of it now ^^ kaka~ well the band has already had 3 Japanese albums & 4 Korean albums..since 2003! ..

they are handsome too..well..hate to say this but..they are actually very handsome!..SO..this makes them even famous in Malaysia..well..this country head to the looks first before their quality of their's it or not..i understand that because I myself a least not all..but MOST of the Malaysians are like that O.o

so erm..what am i going to do now at 3.17 midnite? ^^

i plan to study..but i am la!..haha *thats me*

nites all..take care and ya! XOXO tata

Saturday, January 17, 2009


sienzor! post deleted !

Friday, January 16, 2009

Penang Trip


Here goes..well at last we are all going for a trip to Penang..the reason i felt abit excited bout this is mainly because everytime we plan will never on..LOL..

some will say....*thinking*

1. NO money~~
2. NO time~~
3. need to accompany family [as if fren..dun f*king use this fake]
4. need to accompany her/his bf/gf [well this is last minute pls]
5. WHO IS GOING? [ look here frens..don't ever ever ask this SHYT quesiton again next time]
6. * i'll update soon* =.=

see frens..we haven't really go for trip together yet~ so pls pls pls spare yourself 3 days time and join me *=.=*'s not that I am forcing but indirectly it erm..again..i am not forcing but i really hope everyone will have a YES to me..


- Kenneth
- Aaron
- Liza
- Jasmine
- Wilson
- *updated* Josiah (forced to)

to the others..if u r willing to go with us..pls confirm urself as soon as possible and I'll put ur BIG name here in my TINY bloggie..thanks all..take care and have a nice day~



WELL..nice leh? well well well if only ..............* LOL*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

* ^.^ *

went out with aaron and mama and ma-de-li-ne..O.O

enjoyed it usual..those guys are crazy..LOL

went in to LV COACH and some other branded stuff but we came out nothing with our hands..LOL...well thats us..

look here look there only..=.=

they BORED jor only..too many branded stuff...lazy buy...for real all..zzz they are rich assssesss...!

anyways love ya all..

well ciaoz all...take again!

study study study

no comment but i am damn tired of these stuff..LOL

tagged by josh...zzz

1. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
~ NOO..BIG BIG NOOOO..well..^^

2. How about drinking?
~ preferably nope? ^^

3. Do you liked someone you can't have?
~ yeap..

4. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
~ yeappppp...definitely

5. What's your favourite sport?
~ basketball , jump jump here and there

6. It's saturday night, you're home alone... what do you do?
~ definitely call up the one who tagged me for this..! and yum cha of course

7. Do you like roller coasters?
~ erm...yea..better to be something exciting la...zzz

8. When's the perfect time to have a bf/gf?
~ when i have money...=.=

9. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?

~ nancy wu!!! XOXO ..O.O

10. What are you doing this weekend?

~ study..zzz

11. What is your favourite restaurant?
~ ok price..ok food..ok place..

12. Have you ever hugged someone?
~ hugged and kissed and zzzzzzzzzz (no comment) *LOL*

13. Ever kissed someone you weren't attracted to?
~ nope?

14. Do you like anyone right now?
~ i hate this part right here...zzz

15. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

~ eyes? ^^

16. Which do you prefer, Beach or Mountains?
~ Mountains

17. What kind of phone do you have?

~ S.E k850i!

18. Computer or Laptop?
~ comlap?

19. Jeans or sweats?
~ both plsssss?

20. Which year(s) has/have been the best so far?
~ there a (s)..means unlimited?...all my 19 years of stupidity..O.o

21. How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?
~ zzzz...think urself if u know me...

22. What should you be doing right now?
~ study...zzz

23. What is your favorite TV show?
~ O.O O.O O.o...dunno?

24. What's been your last purchase?
~ a donut ^^ fav!!

25. Are you attracted to girls/boys that smoke?
~ wut if a perfect and hot girl confess to me and knowing she's a smoker? @.@

26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?
~ who wouldnt?

27. What do you do when you're at home?

~ pipi pupu eat on9 messing ard sleep anything else? O.O

28. What is your favourite subject?

~ PHYSICS...hell no..zzz

29. What's the best thing that happened on you?

~ dimples on my cheek

30. 5 person to tag : be confirmed!
to be confirmed!
to be confirmed!
to be confirmed!
to be confirmed!

LOL...bye guys..take care

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

to someone

why are you so ignorant to me?

i felt that you changed..alot..ever since that's totally different person i know..what the hell happen?

fine it's okie...i can sleep the hell out of it and it will be a better day tml for me!

YOU take care pls..and thanks for the memories u gave me..!


take care frens...zzz =.=

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

only one

to those who knows me well i think u ll know the key..haha..good luck guessing..bye ya..always does..

Monday, January 12, 2009









Thursday, January 8, 2009

bored [random]



WTH =.=


1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture right now..
2. Don’t change your clothes, just take a picture..
3. Post that picture with NO editing..
4. Post the picture with these instruction


1.What’s your ambition?


2.What do u like the most about your siblings?


3.Are u looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend?


4.Do you think you have enough confidence?

- NO..sien

5.How many babies you want?

- erm..2? 1 boy 1 girl ^^

6.What would u name your kids in the future?

- eh..i dunno..sien..lazy to think one now..

7.What is your goal for this year(2009)?

- eh.. get to think wut i wanna to pursue for degree, be rich

8. Do you think you're clever?


9.What’s a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u?(list 10)

- Smart
- Erm..dunno
- lol
- Mad
- Eeeeeee look? LOL
- Non-crazy?
- I I I I
- Horrible? ^^
- Yes-girl to everything i said? haha

10.Do u ever wonder where you would end up after you die?

- yes? hell heaven?

11.What are your bad habits?

- drive recklessly? sien zor

12. If You Can Do Anything Now.. What Would It Be?

- i dunno...............!

13. State a random fact about yourself?

- i m short!

14.What does flying means to you?

- flying? ><

15.What do you crave for the most currently?

- chocolates...pls

16.Describe the person that tagged you in 7 words.

- (he wish)..LOL

17.Are you currently single?

- Yes..zzz

18.What is in your mind now?

- my damn exams...tml!

19. Do you believe in fate?

- yes...very

20.[ *fill it in pls* ]?

- [ *blank* ]


#Remove one question from above and add in your personal question.
#Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 peoples.
# Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged.
#List them out at the end of the post.

I tag: Kelvin, Swee ling, Liza, Madeline,Wayne.
LOL..thats it..buhbyes guys and ya..

Sunday, January 4, 2009






Friday, January 2, 2009

new year countdown

Was crazy.
Went to Aaron's house burger drinking party -_-
We didn't drink so much..
But I'm officially sick of McD Fillet o Fish..
well... have u guys tried playing burgers when you guys drink? ^^
Somemore they opened Martell after that...
i starting to think that the burgers consist of alcohol..LOL...cos when i ate my 2nd one..i get abit wing wing dei..hahahahah...crap sia..well well well

20 Burgers *pukez

Before anything else...of course must let the leng lui pose ^-^

That stupid card game -_-

1. yummy midnight snack

2.Peace ..happy cuz can eat...Just wait la Hon Chin =D

3.See what I meant? =D

4.Aikz finally josh -_-

5.1st one for Liza =D

6.One for Jas =D
7.Wilson also got chance to eat lol

8.3rd one for Hon Chin -_- seriously muak dy... see his face lol!9.2nd for Liza...reach here everybody scared dy -_-
10.*Erk....2nd one for josh ^^

11.Kelian..he kena played by ME -_- 2nd for you boy! man man eat la lei wilson...wahahaha
12.Finally Aaron gets his supper XD -see he damn happy XD
13.4th Burger.... reach here everybody wanna die jor..keep saying wanna drink don't wanna eat jor XD hahaa

14.Wilson 3rd... die la this point...damn scared of loosing jor
15.i kena again wth ( became "high" after 2nd burger)
16. 3rd one for Liza.. waa careful fat fat ah lol...(she became "high" also after her 3rd burger)

17.2nd one for Aaron.. He also start muak dy after 2nd burger yuckkk
18.Burger number 18 goes to Jasss
19.mine again...LOL..cham..3rd one jor..i m trying to run away~! LOL

20.4th for you tie with Hon Chin =D

well well well..thats wut we did last nite..omg omg..i swear to god i ll nvr play this shyt again...dam scary wei

next time try sushi with full wasabi~ mayb it's fun too

or milo with chivas..LOL...well..we'll see!

take care guys..