Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sky Bar Nite Bash

hehe...sky bar..this is the very first time i came to this beautiful bar..lol..really..the view is really chun..well..here goes..

haha..do we look alike at the first picture above~ LOL..

p.s Happy Happy Birthday to Someone [ someone who dont want to reveal herself..LOL]

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to someone,
Happy birthday to you!

ciaos all..take care..love ya all~


Yesh! see that? LOL...i did it! LOL..well it's not something to be proud of but i'm proud of my car..zzz..that figure 180 is not the maximum yet..din get to snap pic at the max speed of 200+ tht time...zzz damn scary jor..LOL..thank god ^^

LOL ciaos all~ take care all~

speed speed speed!! ^^

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Random post ^^

and I thought of YOU this very moment ^^

Will YOU feel the same as well? ^^



Well I plan to chg my bloggie back to the new skin as I start to get bored of it le..^^

Will miss ya old templates..will go back to you someday..dunno when ^^


WELL..again I am here to stress out my pressure for the upcoming exams on January.

Then I wonder whose idea to schedule our exams on the very first month of the year!

sienzor..i still need to study for the last paper during ANG PAO time! omg..it's Chinese New Year..sien jor lo like that...cant even receive my ang-paos with happy happy mood..

what to do..exams to me are still the first priority..so erm..CNY comes every year..but this freaking exams only comes with 1 chance!..stress stress..

JYJY kenneth! i will do my very best in it..it's my own future after all..

thanks to madeline for editing my pic! credits to her!

erm..the end..tata all..take care..vampy!

Genting Day - X'mas Eve

yay.. jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell ROCK~

it's xmas! again it's my white xmas dream on again..well

though winter doesnt happen here in my country but to me..dream on..we'll feel the white xmas! LOL..sowie for crapping..

erm..it's me , aaron , ma-de-li-ne

went up to genting and chill out there with starbucks and BR!

unfortunely we came down 1 hour before the countdown due to ma-de-li-ne's request!

so eventually we came down and headed to The Curve..it's a big big x'mas bash there~

din get to snap any pics there due to the big crowd..>< well erm..here goes~

Monkey Reunion..

let's see the pics i snap...i lazy to explain jor..^^ sowie all

Go forward MBS,
Filled with courage fine,
With your colours flying,
We will cheer you all the time,
And so you go forward MBS,
On to victory,
Work for the fame,
Of our fair name,
Forward we must play the game.

looking forward for the next reunion...well well well..mbs forever!

Saturday, December 20, 2008




well at last! found one..


nid to stay awake for this too..

i don't want to miss anything..

will gambate for this one..

wait me ^^

Thursday, December 18, 2008








hehe..its been a while that i din update my blog..well..here goes..i updated some rocking pictures of mine..^^ the babies and some (tau teng) below is ME~!

haha..isnt he cute..LOL...sowie joking..haha..well..everyone is cute that time k..^^

someone made me get interested on collecting baby photos..LOL..so anyone interested on being in my photo album..u may send in ur pictures ^^..kaka..LOL

it's a nice hobby k..cos i tink its impossible for someone is not happy to see baby photos..rite? ^^ well so fast fast give me ur baby pics..(if u dun mind la)

awaiting for the next one! come come come! ^^

Genting day ^^ Mandy Jie birthday!

hehe..on mandy jie birthday eve..we went to a restaurant nearby her house to celebrate her birthday lo...then next morning went up to genting..unfortunely we cant get a chance to go outdoor cos its raining and a thick mist...argh! i haven been into outdoor for years~ miss those plays inside...well so we hang around there and snap pics ard lo..^^

she s so cute rite~ shes already 23 i guess ^^..haha...LOL

ciaoz all